Welcome! I'm a digital media creative with a passion for projects exploring power relations, social and political inequality, and empowerment. I was born in Los Angeles to working-class parents and have bounced around a bit geographically: I was raised in the Northwest, attended college in New England, went back to California for graduate school, and have since divided my time between the east and west coasts of the US.

I wear many hats in my professional life. At the global digital media and education company The Body Is Not An Apology, I reach an audience of over 1 million in 147 countries as Editorial and Social Media Manager. As a writer, I'm the author of Feminism in Minutes with Quercus Books and co-contributor to The Feminism Book with DK, among other publications. I'm also a published scholar in the field of gender and sexuality studies. My original research has appeared in numerous academic journals and edited book collections, one of which won a Lambda Literary Award. As an educator and group facilitator, I have several years of experience teaching at colleges and universities, including Brandeis University, Northeastern University, Tufts University, the University of California at Santa Barbara, and Wellesley College. At Tufts I was honored with two student-nominated teaching awards and was transformed by my collaborations with the most talented, driven, kind, and justice-oriented group of students I encountered in my teaching career.

My freelance writing has appeared in The Body Is Not An Apology as well as digital and print venues such as AlterNet, Bitch Media, Everyday Feminism, Teen Vogue, and more. Channeling my scholarly expertise in social movements, I authored a research report on the global growth of white supremacist movements for the quarterly magazine of progressive think tank Political Research Associates. I've also appeared in a variety of media outlets, including Boston NPR affiliate WGBH. Currently I'm at work on a memoir as well as a book about queer femininity and feminism.

These days I can be found spending quality time with my partner of six years, my dog daughter Francesca (who I'm convinced is a goddess), and my cat child Olivia. When I'm not working on creative projects or being terrified by the daily news, I enjoy tarot, traveling, history, chocolate, and Halloween season. I visit the sea whenever I can and need to visit it more often. I'm also forever proud to be a millennial, and I love the work my generation is doing to survive and thrive under the violence of late capitalism.

(Photograph by Ray Bernoff)