Shannon Weber has been writing since she was a small child, and being a writer was the first thing she ever wanted to be when she grew up. Her career, then, has come full circle, as she left the world of academia in 2017 to pursue freelance writing and research. Shannon is a Content Writer for The Body Is Not An Apology and works as a contributing writer at Bitch Media. Her work has also appeared in AlterNet, Everyday Feminism, Fodor's Travel, Patheos Pagan, Teen Vogue, and more. She is a contributing author to the forthcoming The Feminism Book and is currently writing Feminism in Minutes for London-based Quercus Books.

Shannon holds a Ph.D in Feminist Studies from the University of California and a Bachelor of Arts from Mount Holyoke College. She has held positions as a gender studies professor at some of the finest colleges and universities in America, including Tufts University, Brandeis University, Northeastern University, and Wellesley College. Her scholarship has been published in top peer-reviewed academic journals and in a Lambda Literary Award-winning anthology. An expert on issues of gender and sexuality, she has appeared in a variety of media outlets, including Boston NPR affiliate WGBH.

Born in Los Angeles, Shannon spent most of her childhood in the Inland Northwest, where she grew up in a working-class home and was the first in her family to attend a four-year college. Growing up in a majority-white, evangelical Christian, Republican region known for white supremacist groups taught her many early lessons about oppression, but it also politicized her from a young age and pushed her to pursue her wildest dreams. She is currently writing a memoir about these experiences.

Shannon lives in Boston with her partner of five years, her precious dog daughter Francesca, and her cat child Olivia. When she's not writing and consuming way too much news, she enjoys road trips across New England, consulting the tarot, dissolving her worries in the sea, and looking forward to Halloween season. She's proud to be part of the simultaneously most educated and financially screwed generation yet.