Professional Services

I invited Shannon to lead a workshop on feminist pedagogy and anti-oppressive teaching techniques, and she exceeded my already-high expectations. I knew she was a brilliant writer, researcher and teacher, but getting to experience first-hand her thoughtful approach to teaching through a social justice lens was inspiring and transformative for everyone in attendance.

Dr. Raechel Tiffe, independent scholar, educator, writer, and former Visiting Assistant Professor of Women's and Gender Studies at Merrimack College​

Shannon is available for a range of professional services, including editing academic manuscripts and articles; speaking and leading workshops on issues of diversity and inclusion, LGBTQ justice, and feminism; and collaborating on research projects and media consultation requiring an expert on issues related to gender and sexuality. Her editing fees are $50 an hour, with a discounted rate for graduate students, under/unemployed clients from poor and working-class backgrounds, and clients from marginalized backgrounds who also hold contingent positions in academia. For other pricing inquiries and scheduling questions, please contact her using the contact form page. She looks forward to hearing from you! Scroll below for more testimonials from her incredible colleagues, clients, and students.

I published two articles by Shannon in works I edited, and wish I had the opportunity to publish everything she writes. Shannon is one of those rare individuals who is both a first-rate researcher and an excellent writer.

Genny Beemyn, award-winning writer, editor, and Director of the Stonewall Center at the University of Massachusetts Amherst

Shannon is an amazing researcher, writer, and teacher, equally adept in all three realms. I hired her to do interviews for my research project on queer women on campus, invited her to contribute a chapter to a book I coedited on teaching queer history, and worked with her in the classroom. She never disappoints. She is super smart, has a fabulous work ethic, and is passionately committed to research, writing, and teaching that makes a difference.

Leila Rupp, Distinguished Professor of Feminist Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara and world-renowned historian of global sexualities and women's history

Shannon is a passionate advocate and a true asset to any team. During her time with Pacific Pride Foundation, Shannon showed herself to be not only a diligent team member, but also a skilled leader and effective community organizer. As a volunteer, Shannon played a critical role in advancing the mission of Pacific Pride Foundation’s Santa Barbara Equality Project (SBEP) program and was instrumental in the success of various projects within the community.

Lauren Gunther, former Coordinator, Santa Barbara Equality Project, Pacific Pride Foundation

Dr. Shannon Weber [was] a kind professor who always [held] her students and academia to standards of compassion. I really valued that in my educational growth, as it taught me to think critically about the larger systems I participate in, and informed how I interacted with academia as I continued my education.

Allyson Blackburn, former student