Feminism in Minutes  (2019)

With an official launch date in May, Shannon Weber's first book, Feminism in Minutes, is now available for pre-order through London-based Quercus Books! 

Feminism in Minutes by Shannon Weber

From Quercus:

"Never has having an understanding of feminism been so important. But what really is feminism ā€“ in all its forms? Who were the key feminists ā€“ and what are their beliefs? What do feminists think about abortion, sex, religion, pornography and beauty? And have we achieved equality ā€“ or is there still much to do?

Feminism in Minutes
is the quickest, easiest way to understand the big ideas and history of feminism, from its ancient roots to the #MeToo movement of today.

Contents include: Basic concepts; Schools of feminism; Marriage and motherhood; Sex, power and sexuality; Activism and justice; Gender, religion and war; Womenā€™s achievements in science and medicine and Feminism and the arts, as well as the ideas of essential feminists such as Simone de Beauvoir, Emmeline Pankhurst, Sojourner Truth, Germaine Greer, Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, Pussy Riot and Malala Yousafzai, amongst many others."

Women: Our History  (2019)
Shannon worked as a contributing author on a women's history volume for DK Books, published in the UK as Women: Our History and Women: Our Story in the US. As of February 6, the book is now available for purchase!

UK edition:

Women: Our History

US edition:

Women: Our Story

From DK:

"Reexamining history from a female perspective, this book celebrates the pivotal but less well-known roles women have played in culture and society.
Packed full of evocative images, this gloriously illustrated book reveals the key events in women's history--from early matriarchal societies through women's suffrage, the Suffragette movement, 20th-century feminism, and gender politics, to recent movements such as #MeToo and International Women's Day--and the key role women have had in shaping our past.
Learn about the everyday lives of women through the ages as well as the big names of women's history--powerful, inspirational, and trailblazing women such as Cleopatra, Florence Nightingale, Emmeline Pankhurst, Eva Peron, and Rosa Parks--and discover the unsung contributions of lesser-known women who have changed the world, and the 'forgotten' events of women's history.
Placing women firmly center stage, Women: Our Story shows women where they came from, and in celebrating the achievements of women of the past, offers positive role models for women of today."

Shannon has also been a contributor to the following forthcoming books -- more info to come: