I am delighted to announce the publication of Activists Assemble: We Are All Equal!, a book for aspiring activists ages 8 and up. Learn about the history of activist fights for equality around the world and how and why that activism continues today.

This book has been a passion project for me. It draws on my expertise with the intersectional histories and social movements of marginalized populations, bringing those insights to a young audience. If we really believe children are our future, we must equip them with the knowledge to do good in the world, unleashing their empathy and vision for a future we can all be proud to live in.

Illustrated by the enormously talented Jade Orlando, Activists Assemble also draws attention to the ways ordinary kids find themselves called to extraordinary action, from Little Miss Flint to Greta Thunberg and more. This book teaches kids that each of us matters and can make a world of difference. Now available wherever books are sold — order your copy today!

What is equality? A big question to answer and an even bigger topic to implement. Activists Assemble: We Are All Equal! explains what it is to be a citizen, how important it is to treat, and be treated, as equal within the society, and how you can use your voice to champion equality. 

Discover the history of equality—both the successes and the tragedies, meet past and present faces who overcame discrimination to be a voice for us all, and explore ways you can make a difference and challenge inequality. Important topics such as disabilities, gender, religion, and race are discussed, giving readers all the information and practical advice needed to get their voices heard. 

An activity section gives readers the opportunity to explore equality further: they can test their equality knowledge, start important conversations using the 'discussion time' questions, as well space to write down their thoughts and observations.

From the Publisher