Shannon's book Feminism in Minutes (Quercus Books, 2019) offers a practical guide to the 200 most important concepts, people, events, and schools of thought in feminism. Each of 10 chapters focuses on a different key theme, exploring that theme chronologically. The book is designed so that anyone can learn more about feminism, whether you're someone new to the many ideas encompassed under its banner or whether you'd like to surprise yourself with concepts you'd never considered. Stay tuned — Feminism in Minutes will be available for ordering soon.

Table of Contents:

Introduction | Chapter 1: Key Concepts | Chapter 2: Schools of Feminism | Chapter 3: Marriage, Motherhood, Family | Chapter 4: Labor and Anti-Poverty Activism | Chapter 5: Sex, Power, and Feminist Sexuality | Chapter 6: Feminism and Racial Justice | Chapter 7: Religion and Feminism | Chapter 8: Gender, War, and Terror | Chapter 9: Science and Medicine | Chapter 10: Feminism and the Arts

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